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    this shop is a small business owned by an illustrator and ceramist, check the about section to get to know the crew✦

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    30/04/24, 5p.m (UTC+2): ceramic update with medallions, worry stones, pobos, figures and cups!

    02→15/04/24: online shop closed for physical products

    02/03/24, 6p.m: ceramic update with egg cups, little spoons, little plates, keychains and worry stones!

  • markets & conventions

    paris city pop
    june 22-23 2024, mairie du 13ème, Paris, FRANCE

washi tape



all the ceramics are handmade by megaelod

they use stoneware or porcelain. the dishwear is foodsafe, microwave safe, and even dishwasher safe but they prefer handwash to avoid greasy stuff on non-glazed parts

some of these objects have magic properties, you can check what they are in their descriptions!!

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