Can you tell me more about shipping?

You have the possibility to choose if you want your order to have a tracking number. It will be shipped within 6 business days of receipt. Ceramics (except ceramic pins & pendants) are sent separately, so you may have to pay two shipping fees depending on what you order.

Indicative prices for processing and shipping:

France & outre-mer: from 3,80€ to 16,50€
Rest of the world: from 5,20€ to 27,70€

parcels (ceramics except pin's and pendants)
France: from 7,20€ to 16€
Outre-mer: 15,90€ to 31,50€
European Union: from 12,10€ to 22,40€
Rest of the world: sorry, I don't ship parcels to the rest of the world right now