Can you tell me more about shipping?

Your order will be shipped within 6 business days of receipt. Ceramics (except very small and flat ones like jewelry) are sent separately most of the time, so you may have to pay two shipping fees depending on what you order.
For certain destinations, you can choose to have Mondial Relay deliver to a relay point.

Indicative prices for processing and shipping:

France (metropolitan): from 4,30€ to 12,50€
Outre-mer: from 4,30€ to 24,10€
Rest of the world: from 8,20€ to 26,30€

parcels (ceramics except very small and flat ones like jewelry)
France (metropolitan): from 5,70€ to 19,60€
Outre-mer: from 16,30€ to 42,70€
European Union + UK: from 12,40€ to 23,80€
Rest of the world*: from 22,15€ to 57,70€

*For several reasons, I can't ship parcels to these countries right now: Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Niger, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen. This list may change during the year.